11 tips to get more Discipline in your Life & No Regrets!

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

Try the following exercises to improve your discipline:

• Add an extra 10 minutes onto everything you do. You’ll be surprised at the things you will find out or even accomplish in a day!

• 10 more minutes exercising will give you a better body.

• 10 more minutes studying and you might finally understand the answer or formula.

• 10 more minutes sleeping will do your body and mind wonders.

• 10 more minutes surfing the Internet and you might find an awesome site you didn’t even know existed.

• 10 more minutes to eat your meals – eating slowly is much better for your digestive system, and you will find you will eat less because you will feel full sooner.

• There is laundry that needs washing, and you postpone washing it for later. Get up and wash it now. Do not let your laziness overcome you. When you know that in this way you are developing your self-discipline, and if you are convinced of its importance, it will be easier for you to do whatever you have to do.

• You know you need to go to the gym, but instead you sit and do nothing or watch a movie. Get up and walk, run or do some other physical exercise.

• Do you like your coffee with sugar? Then for a whole week decide to drink it without sugar.

• You like to drink two cans of soft drink each day? For a week drink only one can and one bottle of water.

• You have a desire to eat a piece of chocolate? Instead eat a piece of fruit.

One little discipline training trick I adopted in my life was that when my intuition or subconscious was telling me to do something constructive or positive then I would do it immediately, or if someone suggested I try something or do a task that might help with my overall goal I would say yes or give it a go. It came down to a philosophy I called THINK IT DO IT.

Overcome your laziness and convince yourself of the importance of what is to be done. Convince your mind that you gain inner strength when you act and do things, in spite of laziness or senseless inner resistance. You can’t achieve any goal without discipline. You have to exercise and train even when you don’t feel like it.

Have you ever found yourself staring at an untidy room, wondering just how to begin the process of putting it in order? If so, you’ll know that ultimately it doesn’t make much difference. You can start in a corner or the middle, on the floor or the surfaces. The important thing is to roll up your sleeves and start somewhere. As long as you stand looking at the untidy room, the job looks too hard. The moment you get to grips with it, it will become easy.

Remember there are two pains in life, the Pain of Regret and the Pain of Discipline.

One weighs tons while the other weighs grams. Don’t let the lack of discipline keep you from living an amazing and energy-filled life.

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