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The Secret to a Great Body is Revealed… if your body is Acidic, you will not lose Body Fat! Best selling authors Monica Wright and Matt Thom who have 11 World Fitness Titles between them, are ready to change your body by teaching you to get Alkaline.

Readers all over Australia are getting amazing results from their books and never have to diet or count calories again! Their ‘Change your Body’ book gives you knowledge, the 84 Day Body Challenge Action Manual with 19 colour fusion workouts and daily checklists keeps you motivated and their brand new Alkaline Recipe Book fills you up!


Detailed in their book -“Change Your Body with the World’s Fittest Couple” – making your body alkaline and reducing acidity levels can commence a much needed health revolution in Australia, a chance to fight obesity effectively and for you and your family to live a healthy life.

Their “84 Day Action Manual” provides you with a user friendly day by day diary that provides you with an action plan to get moving, eat well and understand the benefits of wholefood supplements.
Through many years of training and nutrition they came across “The Secret to a Great Body”. They have used their food management program – “Eat Green Stay Lean” and their “Fusion” exercise program to successfully transform over 1,000 bodies at their Fitness Center at Flemington – Fitness Kick.

The leading edge component of this program is reducing the acidity level in your body and making your body more alkaline. This information will not only appeal to the large % of overweight people throughout the world but also people who are trying to put on more muscle.

If your body is acidic it’s hard to lose body fat and put on muscle!


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