Are you eating too much?

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

This is one of my favourite subjects and one where clients get the most results. It’s portion sizes. How much you eat in one meal is totally related to how big your stomach is. If you are strict for seven days and eat six small meals over the whole day, your stomach will shrink. If you are constantly eating large amounts of food, you are always going to be hungry because you have stretched your stomach! A perfect example of this is Christmas lunch. Most people would eat too much food and promise to themselves that the next day they will not eat or only eat small meals. The next morning they wake up and they are hungry! Why? They stretched their stomach from eating too much, the food has digested and left, and the stomach size is the same. Capacity of a normal human stomach is 350-450ml. Most people eat five-10 times this and usually at dinner time and stretch their stomachs. Eating small meals also improves digestion and elimination, both necessary for losing weight. If you looked at our diets, we actually eat a lot of food, but we eat it over six small meals and we never go hungry. The number one lesson to learn from eating healthy versus eating junk processed food is that you can eat much more healthy food because it is lower in calories. One upsized burger meal with the lot is roughly the same amount of calories as our whole day’s intake of wholesome food! So tomorrow I want you to split all your current meals by half and eat the other half 2 hours later. Aim to have a small meal at night,so less carbs and more protein salad and vegies. If you only do one thing with your food do this: Eat small meals! It is the key to losing weight, losing the gut and having an endless supply of energy all day long.


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