Be honest with yourself

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Time to be honest with yourself and ask yourself these questions…

Are you still eating like you are hibernating in winter?Untitled design

Are you training less than twice a week or not at all?

Are you confused on what you should be eating?

Are you struggling with sugar cravings?

Are you getting bored with your workouts?

Would you like to be accountable to someone but can’t afford a trainer?

Are you ready to wear bathers this summer?

Are you confused with all the diets and supplements out there?

Are your emotions and mindset getting in the way of your health & fitness?

Are you ready to really change your body?

We have the answers! We have spent 18 months putting together an online wellness program that you can do anywhere, you don’t even need a gym! We have researched everything for you and we know what works! All you need is a phone, ipad or computer and you are ready to go!!

We are with you every day for 84 days, each day you will receive an email with a short video from us covering a training, nutrition or mindset topic as well as a PDF attachment. You follow the program through a members website and an interactive mobile app. If you have read our bestselling books, then this online program is very different to the 84 day body challenge action manual. It has 60% new content and more accountability – just what you need to get results.

We give you the information in bite size pieces over the program so you are learning all the time until you are the fittest and healthiest you have ever been at the end of the 84 days.

The best bit? Once you get our 84DAYBC online program, you have life time access!

No counting calories, no going hungry and no dieting!! That is too hard! We focus on everything in moderation and eating food not numbers!

Not sure what training to do? We have workout videos to follow as well as daily exercises to do as part of the challenge.

We even have a mindset coach and food coach to help you along the way.

So why wait? You can start at any time now with our Lone Wolf option – pick a Saturday to join and start the Monday.

Register now at

Hope to see you on the inside!

Matt & Monica


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