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Every Class every week is different, awesome fun fitness training, functional training, small groups, no choreographed classes, all classes suitable for beginners. Come in and see for yourself!




Reducing Body Fat

We specialise in losing fat and increasing muscle – so dropping dress sizes!
Proven system of training and eating plan and really easy to follow.


Get a fit body by using your own body weight t o train, it’s not always about weights to get fit.

Body Challenges

Join in with our in house 84 Day Body Challenge and the 21 Day Eat Clean Train Hard Challenge, we run these 4 times a year and it is a great way to create new habits and lose fat at the same time!

Pregnancy Programs

We have specialised trainers to keep you fit during your pregnancy – pelvic floor exercises, conditioning and cardio. Lots of programs to follow at home or at the gym.

Strength Training

Need to put on muscle? We have all the heavy weights, kettle bells and machines ready to do this. Book in with a trainer to work through a body part program to really get results.


We have a physiotherapist trainer on board at Fitness Kick. If you are recovering from an injury, rehab is the key to getting better fast.

Supplements and Books

We sell all the supplements you need to change your body – barley grass, spirulina, protein powder, calcium/magnesium, coconut oil, and protein bars. Purchase the best selling books – Change your Body, 84 Day Body Challenge Action Manual and the EAT EAT EAT Alkaline Recipe Book.

Opening Hours

Mon – Thurs 5.30am – 9.00pm (key pad access from 7am-5pm)
Friday 5.30am – 8.00pm (keypad access from 7am-5pm)
Saturday 7.30am – 6.00pm (key pad access from 11am-6pm)
Sunday 9.30am – 6.00pm (key pad access from 12pm-6pm)
Public Holidays 8.00am – 11.00am
Admin Front Desk Hours 5.00pm – 8:00pm (Mon – Fri) 730-12 (Sat)



Current Timetable

6.00 amBody Conditioning/TabataFusionFusion90min Smasher
10.00 am Fusion
8.00 am Kickfit
8.45 am Fusion
Ninja FitFusionKick AssDo 1 class or do both!!

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