Get Ninja Fit

Ninja Fitness Training @ Fitness Kick!

Tuesday 6pm Ninja Fitness with Tony

Ninja Fitness classes will hit all major muscle groups with close attention to mobility, flexibility, core, grip and upper body strength. Upper body and grip strength are imperative to becoming a successful Ninja!

This class will definitely give you amazing upper body strength. Don’t be afraid, all levels from beginner, intermediate to advanced will be catered for.

Get into warrior mode with our Ninja Fitness obstacles -

  • Conquer the warped wall – requiring speed, acceleration and grip strength

  • Succeed on the Salmon Ladder – requiring extreme explosive upper body strength

  • Nail the Nun chucks – requires hand, grip and shoulder strength. Amazing strength to be able to hold bodyweight off one limb!

  • Combat the Canon Balls – requires hand and grip strength along with shoulder flexibility and strength

  • Climb the cargo net – requires balance, leg and hand co-ordination and full body strength

  • Become a Pro on the Peg Board – requires grip strength, shoulder & back strength, coordination skill and technique

  • Master the Monkey Bars – requires shoulder and grip strength, one of the most fun once accomplished

All of the above with agility gymnastic conditioning exercises, move the body in all different challenging ways.

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