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As a teenager, I was active and had a love for martial arts, so studying exercise science at university seemed like the obvious choice. So I completed my Bachelor of Applied Science at Ballarat University in 1994. My first job out of university was in a corporate gym and I guess you could say I have been in the fitness industry ever since.


After a few years in the workforce I decided to broaden my horizons and travel overseas to America and teach martial arts on a summer camp. So in 1996, I travelled half way around the world to meet an Australian girl called Monica who was also working on the summer camp and who happened to live two suburbs away from me, back in Melbourne.

Upon returning to Melbourne in 1997, Monica worked as a full time gymnastic coach and I started a marital arts Dojo plus a Personal Training business.

While running a Dojo for Australian Freestyle Kickboxing in Kew and doing personal training, we formed an aerobic kickboxing business with a couple of friends called Kickfit and Kickboxercise. We ran these successful classes in schools and gyms all over Victoria and interstate. We still run self defence, boot camps and kickfit programs in over 150 schools throughout Victoria to this day.


In 1999 Monica started competing in Fitness competitions and I was her personal trainer and became her husband in December 1999. It wasn’t long before she had won a few Victorian and Australian Fitness Titles and qualified for the Ms Fitness World competition in Las Vegas in 2000, and was the highest placed Australian ever to compete.

I had started training for a national martial arts competition in early 2001, when one fateful day on a bike training ride I hit a pothole that happened to be on a railway crossing, fell of my bike and was knocked unconscious on the tracks… and got hit by a train.


With too many injuries to mention, my rehab started. Monica looked after my personal training and kickboxing business while still working full time… it helps when you marry wonder woman!

At the time I learnt about the whole new world of exercise rehab and corrective tissue and had a new appreciation for the healing powers of the body through nutrition and whole food supplementation.

With loss of function due to injury, my competitive martial arts were over. Monica had qualified for another world championship – the World Fitness Federation – Fitness Universe in Germany in 2002. For the first time ever, Fitness Pairs was to be introduced as an event. Monica pitched the idea of competing together in Germany to my healthy male ego and my strong determined personality said YES straight away!

So only 6 weeks after the accident I was in, I now had a goal and 18 months to train like a maniac for it, so we went for it 100%.


Winning our first World Title in Fitness Pairs at the Fitness Universe in Germany in 2002 was definitely a highlight of my life, cementing the notion that with the right mindset, I can do anything.

Monica also won the individual title of 2002 Ms Fitness Universe.

So as I tell all my PT clients, if you can do it once you can do it again, so we went back again in 2003 to the Fitness Universe in Germany and won again in fitness pairs and Monica won again in Ms Fitness Universe!

In 2004, we took a year off fitness competitions to achieve our dream of opening up our fitness training centre – Fitness Kick @ Flemington in Victoria. A personalised training and serviced approach, we ran a unique business model at the time in comparison to the industry – with no contracts, no joining fees and a very innovative approach to health and fitness. We had an Alkaline base nutrition model which had worked in getting our own body fat levels extremely low for competitions and a structured fitness program called Black Belt in Fitness in place. We had used this Black Belt in Fitness to benchmark our own fitness levels in the 5 components of fitness – cardiovascular, strength, muscular endurance, power and flexibility.


Fitness Kick @ Flemington is very innovative and most of the exercise programs we run have been trademarked and developed by us. This has led to teaching these different training systems to personal trainers in the form of accredited courses all over Australia – Kickboxing and Boxing for PT, Suspension Training, Group Training, 84 Day Body Trainer.



With the competitive spirit still very much alive inside of us, we headed back to Europe again in 2005 and 2006 to the Fitness Universe – winning 2 more World Titles in Fitness Pairs and Monica competing in 2005 individually to win the Ms Fitness Universe for her 3rd time.


Fitness Kick @ Flemington was such a success, we won the Victorian PT Business of the Year in 2007 We went on again to win this title in 2008 and 2009 and were finalists in the Australian awards also. While running the Fitness Centre a common question was asked from clients – “What did you eat to look like that on stage and how did you train?” Getting tired of telling the same old story, we decided to write 3 wellness books and had our books launched in Australia in September 2008.


The first book titled ‘Change your Body with the Worlds Fittest Couple’ tells our story while detailing a lot of the theory regarding training and nutrition and covering the main topic of getting the body alkaline.

The second book titled ’84 Day Body Challenge Action Manual’ is a step by step guide of exactly what to do with a user friendly day by day diary with checklists that provides you with an action plan to get moving and eat well using our food management program – “Eat Green Stay Lean” and our “Fusion” exercise program.

The third book – EAT EATEAT Alkaline Recipe Bookis absolutely everything we ate and still eat to this day. Every meal in the recipe book is Alkaline and also includes an 84 day eating plan with all recipes.

We have successfully transformed over 1,000 bodies at Fitness Kick @ Flemington using these 3 books and with GNC Livewell Shopstaking on the main distribution of the book as well as selling it online, all have quickly become Australian best sellers.

In 2010, the phone started ringing for myself and Monica to do speaking engagements for schools as well as corporate groups. So several speaking courses later, I now do many keynote addresses for companies all over Australia. I love spreading the healthy message and helping thousands of people reach their potential through health and fitness.

This story outlines our journey in the fitness industry and different areas of our business we now focus on. So click to the area of interest for more information or sit back and take your time to look at each facet of our business so you can become motivated, get educated and stay dedicated.

Fitness Kick is here to help every single person we come in contact with to improve their level of health and fitness for the better.

Matt & Monica

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