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84 daily topics on wellness to change your body and your life all with the guided support of 7 time world fitness champs – Mon & Matt

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It’s time to increase your energy levels, lose body fat and simply feel great!  Join thousands who have all shed body fat AROUND THE WORLD after reading OUR best selling books and now it’s available in an interactive online 84 day body challenge.

Re-energise your Life ONE day at a time. Come on this fun 84 day online fitness journey with us and change your body and life. Every day you will receive a nutrition, exercise or mindset challenge to complete! As well as one exercise to complete each day that accumulates into a full training session on day seven. Every day is a different exercise!

We have done all the research for you, so just sit back, watch the daily 2 minutes video on the daily challenge or download the PDF info sheet, gain knowledge on 84 different topics to enhance your wellbeing and see yourself improve in all areas of your life. The 84DayBC teaches you the secrets to a healthier and happier life, something you can do with your whole family.

Your life is like an empty canvas and you are the painter who chooses what picture you end up with. Choose wisely! We are here with you over 84 days on the fitness journey that will teach you how to eat, move and think wellness for Life.

Once you are hooked on thinking wellness, you will never look back!

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