The Secret Black Book – training secrets from the world’s fittest couple

THE SECRET BLACK BOOK - training secrets from the world’s fittest couple

7 time world fitness champions - Matt & Monica provide tools to get you thinking in the right direction and work out what is stopping you getting to your destination in your fitness and life.

Let the fittest couple in the world motivate YOU!!

What you will Learn

- Eat Green, Stay Lean - read all about Monica & Matt’s new way of eating that can keep you lean all year round!

- Get the body you have always dreamed about.

- Learn to train your mind to think fit... it’s easy!

- Top 15 health & fitness tips to live by for the body you want.

- Eat yourself to Health – learn how the body can heal itself.

- How to stay thin when everyone in the world is getting fat.

- How to increase your energy for a fit & healthy life.

- Move it to Lose it with their latest Fusion workout.

In these pages you will uncover:

- Your most important fact of all is that you control your own health & destiny

- Eat amazing fat burning foods and how to include them in your diet everyday

- Develop strong, positive healthy habits for the rest of your life

- Importance of taking small steps each day which is the key to success

- How to use our proven ‘food challenge’ nutritional checklists

- Dispel myths associated with fad diets and get thin quick schemes

- Help you overcome obstacles with real life solutions

- Show proven steps in taking control of cravings, no motivation, and lack of energy

- Find out what foods stop you losing weight

- Eat good fats to lose weight

- Supplements make a huge difference-we show you the best

- If your body is acidic you won’t lose fat, learn how to be more alkaline

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