Danielle Bryant

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My passion, commitment and dedication to my own health and wellness have finally taken me into the Personal Training space. It is a full circle moment, having spent the first 20 years in Corporate Accounting, dedicated to my career and also to my health and wellness that when faced with an injury and low levels of energy, I made the decision to focus on my wellness as I believe that Wellness is true wealth.

I now combine my qualifications as a human behaviour specialist with my Cert IV in fitness and join the team here at Fitness Kick to inspire, help and support you to explore, challenge and change your own health and wellness.  Health and Wellness is pivotal to my own success, to live congruently with what truly matters to me and to maximise my ability to be active, engaged and confident in all areas of my life. Energy is what I believe is the true measure of Wellness as it impacts all areas of your life. To play this game of life at 100% requires energy and energy comes from nourishing your mind, body and heart.

You will see me in the gym on a daily basis training my own body.  The mind body connection is powerful and I live what I share with others.  The challenge of and passion for my own wellness has taken me on a journey to explore what works best for me and I love sharing this to help and support others in their own journey to Wellness.  Learning and growing is the key to success and happiness so I invite you to explore, challenge and learn more about your own health and wellness.

See you in the gym!