Dave Shaw


Personal Trainer

I moved over here from Perth in December 2011 where I run my own personal training business DS Universal Fitness. I have worked within the sporting industry for a number of years and have also studied for several years within the industry, continuing to develop my love and interest for personal fitness and health. After completing year 12 I went on to complete a certificate 4 in sports development, moving on to a certificate 3 and 4 in fitness, and then certificate 1 sports trainer. At the moment I am also on my way to a completing a degree in exercise sports science.

When it comes to outside work I love to have a good time, going out with friends and family. One of my key passions in life would have to be AFL football I grew up watching and playing it and I am glad to say it’s something I still do. Book a session with me, find out what I’m about, and get a workout at the same time!