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Testimonial from Mick Breach BEfore After Mick Breach
This is my Story – I truly hope to inspire all who want more from fitness….. 5 years ago I weighed 140 kilos! Now thanks to the 84 day body challenge and Fitness Kick training I have lost 53 kilos!!! The above drivers licence photos shows the difference!! WOW.

First of all a HUGE thanks to Matt & Mon for creating the BEST gym and the best body challenge to take on in my life. Thanks to all the trainers and all my fellow gym goers, in one way or another you’ve helped me achieve my fitness goals and motivated me to keep going.

Fitness Kick has become more than a gym to me, it has become an extension of my family and so too are all that frequent the gym floor.

Less than three years ago i joined Fitness Kick and after a lot of prodding from my sister, i relented and attended my first boot camp. Nothing but sore quads and hammy’s for 3 days (Thanks Matt and Meady). Unfit, overweight and still doubting my true potential i thought i would give it a try (what could i lose except some weight).

If you were to ask me about black belt fitness in the beginning, i would have said, ‘yeah right’ whose dream is this! I struggled for quite some time at the gym thinking i could not catch up to the fitter gym goers, i was slow, finished last, not much had changed …. I would attend the classes and the PT sessions as grueling as they were. I was determined to achieve my goal of 90kg or less. My first 84 day body challenge was instrumental in creating my foundation for further success.

I soon started to focus on myself and not others as much. As my fitness level started to increase, so too did my confidence and self belief. With constant reinforcement from Matt, Mon and the trainers i pushed on.

My journey has not been easy, there has been sacrifice; blood, tears and buckets of sweat but every hour, every minute, every second of breathlessness and pain was worth it.  One thing I kept saying to myself whenever I was hungry or felt like something sweet was ‘I am Thirsty’. I kept repeating this ‘I am Thirsty’ had a couple of glasses of water and I was fine!

As my fitness level reached greater heights black belt became inevitable! i dedicated my training towards achieving it. Concreting my resolve i set a date with Matt. Black belt WAS to be achieved on the 12/12/2013 no exceptions, no excuses.

And so it was, I achieved Black Belt on the 12/12/2013 at Fitness Kick becoming the 3rd ever member to achieve this in 10 years. I would love to see other members have black belt fitness as a goal and would be more than happy to help them out. Check out the Black Belt in Fitness Board on the back wall at Fitness Kick to see what you have to do!

Once again a HUGE thank you to everyone, i honestly could not have done it without you all.

Thanks for reading Mick’s fitness story.