Success Stories


orange-quotation-marks-hi Hey Monica, I am 4 weeks into your 12 week challenge:-) I am down about 5-6kg so far, and it has been quite easy compared to other things I have done. The vitamins did cost a lot, but compared to the amount of alcohol I would drink, I think I have saved money :-) . Barley Grass!!!!! the best thing ever invented, this will be a part of every day, how much better do you feel with that. One thing I keep saying to myself is “If Monica can eat Broccoli on pizza, I can eat it on any meal I cook! ” and have eaten it most nights over the last 4 weeks. Now those breakfast muffins you make, I take to work most days, I replace the strawberries with blue berries and also put coconut in. I have also had to teach about 6 people how to make them. I have forwarded your web site on to quite a few people too, at the end of the 12 weeks I will update my photo with a training one and include a link to your books as they are why I am doing so well.
Thanks for the books, they work!

Craig McDonald


orange-quotation-marks-hiMy name is Glenys Wiffen, I am Travis and Carlys mother.
When I was visiting Carly in Qld. late November she asked me if I would do the challenge with her, I said yes thinking I would last a few weeks but definitley not the full 84 days. I had a few extra kilos I needed to lose so thought I would give it a try and also help Carly with her challenge. Travis said I would not be able to carry it through, so this gave me even more incentive to complete.

I found the first few weeks quite easy. I realised after 6 weeks I needed to exercise a bit harder,eat more greens and watch my alcohol consumption, and also I was not eating enough during the day . During weeks 10 & 11 I felt a little burnt-out, this seems to have passed now.

One of my biggest challenges was when socialising, trying not to eat all the wrong snacks available, I am still struggling with this.(especially when having a drink) Another obstacle was giving up potatoes at dinnertime.
I am eating more quantity of food than I normally ate,and also enjoying more meat and seafood. I did not realise how important the mix of the alkaline and acids foods was, and how easy to adapt everyday recipes to maintain the correct mix of protein and carbs.

I joined Contours in early November so had already started exercising (not that I didnt exercise prior to that, I have always been relatively fit and played sport all my life). I found their program and also the motivation from the instructors really good as they were doing my measurements and weighing , so had an interest in the challenge, in fact I have given your website to 2 of the girls. I visited the gym on average 4 times a week, and after completing the circuit did an extra 20 minutes of your exercises. As well as this I powerwalked and a little jogging.

I have so much more energy than before I started,and am now motivated to continue with the maintenance.

Thanks for your help, I have recommended your book to several people.

Glenys Wiffen


orange-quotation-marks-hiInitially I began the 84 day body challenge to learn how to eat healthy and loose weight and transform my body. I have since come to realise that it has transformed me in so many other ways – not only body, but mind and soul! I have always been overweight for the majority of my life, and I wanted and needed to make a change – not repeat the same cycle that I was doomed to, since my family has a long history of heart disease and diabetes. Walking into FK@F was the best decision I took to shake things up in my life and do something positive about my weight. The 84 day body challenge has only re-affirmed that decision. I found it to be a very practical program which gave me step-by-step instructions on diet and exercise that were easy to follow every week. Doing various fusion workouts and having so many different options for cardio and weight training meant it did not get repetitive. Before I knew it I was in my last week of the challenge and feeling great!

I got married to my loving and supportive husband Stuart in December 2008 and made a promise to myself that I would be fit and healthy by our first anniversary – and I am well on my way to it! I want to stick around and enjoy many many years (decades even!) of happiness and health. So thank you Matt and Monica and all the trainers at FK@F for your support and advice. See you soon at the gym!