Are you Fit for your Business


Your company’s greatest assets are your employees.

If they’re stressed, unhealthy and have low concentration, your company will suffer too.

As business owners and managers we are responsible for providing a healthy work environment for our staff. Without this, no company can function at peak performance. If the employees are happy, healthy and fit, their productivity and efficiency will increase too, providing a greater output for your business.

Our goal is to work within your company’s culture to provide solutions that will empower your employees to build resilience to the negative effects of workplace stress. We enhance the wellbeing of your employees and your workplace environment with our programs and seminars focusing on results-based outcomes including:
Greater productivity
Increasing staff retention
Creating a healthy culture
Decreasing absenteeism
Reduction of workplace stress

We take a three-stage approach to corporate health to improve the physical and mental fitness of your employees. These stages focus on three key areas:


Engage in fun, physical activity to measure the health and fitness levels of your employees conducted by our energetic, friendly team in your office.

We can provide such services as:
Health and fitness assessments
Group training
One on one training

These programs can be arranged as one-off sessions or ongoing programs that can include circuits, self defence, boot camp yoga and kickboxing.


Knowledge is power and in relation to health and wellbeing, it is empowerment. Organise a health seminar conducted by World Fitness Champion Matt Thom himself and empower your employees to take charge of their health with proper education.

Sessions can be customised to the needs of your company and staff, with topics including:
Eat yourself to health
Move it to lose it
Eat green stay lean
Know where you are going


Inspire your entire team with inhouse corporate challenges which involve your entire department or company! Our high-energy staff will lead you through these challenges step by step to provide you with a healthy, fun team-building experience which will improve the quality of life of all your employees!

The two challenges we offer are:
84 Day Body Challenge
21 Day Eat Clean Train Hard Challenge

If you would like to book a session or discuss what we can provide your company, please ring our office on 9376 8088 or fill out the enquiry form on this page.

Prices on application.

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