Our Training System

So you want to change your body?

Change your life by letting us change your body with our three phase training system


Phase 1: Education

We begin by selecting a suitable training program for you, either in an individual program or in pairs, and decide upon your training frequency.

During this phase our team will educate you on the following:
Energy systems
Perfect technique
Shocking the body
Nutrition for fuel and fat loss
Muscles, movement and postural awareness

Phase 2: Motivation

Next, you will be introduced to the Black Belt in Fitness training system. This is a progressive training system which utilises specific programs to achieve goals.

During this second phase, our team will challenge and motivate you with the give components of fitness:
Muscular endurance

Phase 3: Dedication

Now that you’re educated and motivated, it’s time to stay dedicated and reach for the pinnacle of fitness by attaining your Black Belt in Fitness!

In the third and final phase of training, we offer you a range of other programs to keep you motivated and dedicated:

84 day body challenges
Body blitz
Functional movement screening