I just wanted to say thanks. I joined Fitness Kick in April and have loved every minute of it.
Last Saturday I had a scan and was shocked, stunned and amazed that I have managed to lose so much baggage since I joined the gym. Whilst I know I have been the one to do the hard yards, I couldn’t have done it if I didn’t love it. You have amazing trainers and great classes that always keep me motivated to get up the next day and come in again.
Thanks so much for helping reach some goals that I really thought were not achievable – I still have a little way to go but they are now a reality rather than a fantasy.Looking forward to another amazing year. Thanks again, Christine


What an amazing 84 days exploring, challenging and discovering more of me and ultimately creating a better version of me. In just 84 days I have more energy, more choice, more confidence, more passion, more certainty of self and I am overflowing with gratitude. A strong resourceful mind can create amazing things when you choose to take action, think energy and be energy. Fitness Kick are a passionate, knowledgeable, resourceful, authentic group of amazing trainers that play full on. The have created an amazing program (84 Day Challenge) combined with an environment where individuals can choose to truly thrive and they walk the walk. I wouldn’t train any where else. Thanks a million for many years of support through the highs and the lows. Bring on 2016!


BEfore After Mick Breach



This is my Story – I truly hope to inspire all who want more from fitness…..

First of all a HUGE thanks to Matt & Mon for creating the BEST gym in my life. Thanks to all the trainers and all my fellow gym goers, in one way or another you’ve helped me achieve my fitness goals and motivated me to keep going.

Fitness Kick has become more than a gym to me, it has become an extension of my family and so too are all that frequent the gym floor.

Less than three years ago i joined Fitness Kick and after a lot of prodding from my sister, i relented and attended my first boot camp. Nothing but sore quads and hammy’s for 3 days (Thanks Matt and Meady). Unfit, overweight and still doubting my true potential i thought i would give it a try (what could i lose except some weight).

If you were to ask me about black belt fitness in the beginning, i would have said, ‘yeah right’ whose dream is this! I struggled for quite some time at the gym thinking i could not catch up to the fitter gym goers, i was slow, finished last, not much had changed …. I would attend the classes and the PT sessions as grueling as they were. I was determined to achieve my goal of 90kg or less. My first 84 day body challenge was instrumental in creating my foundation for further success. Black belt was still improbable, i could not yet get my head around it.

I soon started to focus on myself and not others as much.

As my fitness level started to increase, so too did my confidence and self belief. With constant reinforcement from Matt, Mon and the trainers i pushed on. My fitness started to increase exponentially and after some time black belt became probable.

My journey has not been easy, there has been sacrifice; blood, tears and buckets of sweat but every hour, every minute, every second of breathlessness and pain was worth it.

As my fitness level reached greater heights black belt became inevitable! i dedicated my training towards achieving it. Concreting my resolve i set a date with Matt and that’s all she wrote. Black belt WAS to be achieved on the 12/12/2013 no exceptions, no excuses.

And so it was, I achieved Black Belt on the 12/12/2013 at Fitness Kick becoming the 3rd ever member to achieve this. I would love to see other members have black belt fitness as a goal and would be more than happy to help them out. Check out the Black Belt in Fitness Board on the back wall at Fitness Kick to see what you have to do!

I look forward to seeing people at the next 84 day body challenge. It’ll be a fantastic way to start the new year. I’ll be participating and hope to help make it the greatest 84 day body challenge to date.

Once again a HUGE thank you to everyone, i honestly could not have done it without you all. Thanks for reading Mick’s fitness story.







Matt & Monica are 2 of the most inspirational people I know! I have the privilege of being a member of their gym since it opened and their unwavering commitment to my goals and attention to my individual needs, keeps me coming back. They have created an environment at the gym that makes you want to exercise. Much more than just the programs that are written for each person, Matt & Mon are constantly challenging their members to do more and be more.

With the help of Matt & Mon’s personal training, my fitness levels have increased enormously, which has enabled me to do things I never thought possible, such as complete a 15km fun run in 2006 and the Teva Challenge (5 hours of orienteering) in 2005! Through seminars organised by Mon, such as nutrition talks and also through speaking to Mon directly, I’m much more aware of the affects food and drink has on my body. These are things I would never have learnt and goals I would never have achieved without the help of these 2 dedicated and enthusiastic people!

Name: Simone Baumgartner
Age: 30
Occupation: National Account Manager – Johnson & Johnson


Since training at Fitness Kick @ Flemington, I have been introduced to different training systems other than just the conventional weight lifting and cardio programs. One of the newest training methods I have incorporated into my training is the War Machine. It involves using your core strength and enables me to concentrate on the mind muscle connection. What I love about this machine is the ability to not only work the main muscle groups but also the necessary muscle which gives me the detail I’m looking for to create a lean sculpted look.

It is so versatile you can add weight to the machine and perform a wide range of exercises, great for beginners to advanced. You can do some mean ab and leg exercises with the War Machine which I can never get enough of.

There hasn’t been a work out where I haven’t felt what area of the body I have worked the next day.

Overall the War Machine has been such a good addition to my training as it changes things up, keeps muscles guessing and also makes things fun and interesting. This is one of the key factors why I love training at Fitness Kick as they are at the fore front of the newest training techniques.

Natalie Braic
2010 Victorian Body Building Champion


I joined Fitness Kick after walking past and seeing a brochure on the 12 Week Body Transformation program. At the time, I was unhappy with my weight, really unfit, and constantly tired. I thought this was a great way to kick start my weight loss and fitness efforts and the fact that it was over a defined period of time really gave me something to work towards.
It’s hard to pick one part of the Body Transformation program that stood out from the others – in fact, the holistic and synergistic effects of the diet advice and food checklists, personal training, and my weekly exercise “homework” is what really made it work for me. However, what really stood out was how committed the team was to helping me achieve my goals. Whilst I was the one who needed to do the hard work, I felt like I had a whole team of people working for me – my personal trainer TJ kept me on track with my exercise regime, Monica provided fantastic advice on diet and the whole team at Fitness Kick provided great moral and motivational support as I worked towards my goals.
At the end of the 12 week program, I had achieved some fantastic results (which I now carry around in my bag as constant motivation) and was really inspired to keep going. I am happier, healthier, fitter and have more energy. I still have a way to go towards my final goal but I know I have the support of a great team to help me get there.

Name: Tara Knobel
Age: 34
Occupation: Project Manager


Vanessa before after








I embarked on what is now a life changing experience, the 84 day Body Challenge.  I read all 3 of Matt and Monica’s books. The first couple of weeks were not easy, but I was determined to stick with it.  Every week became easier as the Kilos kept dropping and my body was changing.   I’ve tried every diet that has been around since the eighties and they were all the same, I was always hungry and looking for the next meal. I never had energy to work out and had to push myself to move.

Today I have turned the 84 day Body Challenge into my permanent lifestyle.  I have so much energy; I now feel I want to move every day.  I eat fresh healthy food that satisfies my appetite.  I have Multiple Sclerosis and this can affect my immune system.  Every year during cold season I never escape the dreaded cold/flu season.  This year has been different; I found I was the only family member not to get sick.

II know this is not a quick fix; this is a total lifestyle change.  I will never forget what happened last time when I thought I could do this on my own.  I don’t ever want to make “the call” again.  I learnt my lesson the hard way, you don’t get to your destination and stop, it’s a continuing journey for life.”

Vanessa, Feb 2014, Queensland


1: Great, motivating environment where all the staff from reception to personal trainers get involved in the clients training and results

2: Personal environment which assists in motivation, but also provides a friendly atmosphere to train in

3: Classes at convenient times which are varied each week

4: Outdoor training sessions

5: Programmes such as the 84 day challenge which monitor progress

6: High quality personal trainers which are not just there “for a job” but take a real interest in what they do

7: Well educated and successful  managers/owners who impart their knowledge onto their staff, but also provide an environment in which their staff are able to  incorporate their own ideas and draw upon their fields of expertise

8: A point of difference from other gyms, “family atmosphere”, great social events

Thanks again guys, Trish Kelp


I have been attending Fitness Kick for over 5 years and have found the environment by far the best that I have encountered. The Personal Trainers are caring, extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The way they motivate me on my days when I am lazy is first rate. It’s obvious that they are passionate about what they do and follow the lead of very knowledgeable and committed owners. The resources available to you to help you achieve your goals whether it be nutritional or physical are the best I have come across. I have learnt enormous amounts about the body and how to get the best results. Whilst achieving my physical goals I have also made some great friends who have similar interests. I can’t thank Fitness Kick enough for helping me and continuing to help me achieve my goals. It has also really improve my confidence.
I highly recommend Fitness Kick to anyone who is serious about improving their physical goals.

Yours truly, Kathy Rados


I was 35, fairly unfit and didn’t consider my own health and fitness a high priority. I was probably the typical 35 year old Australian male. After much badgering by some friends who had been working on their own fitness, I began Fitness Kick’s personal training program.
A little over 3 years on, I still enjoy training most mornings before work and am still motivated by the support, enthusiasm, drive and expectation of the personal trainers. They train me and set my workload every week, they extend me whether I’m feeling tired or fit and they help me achieve a level of fitness that I couldn’t achieve by myself.
My health and fitness is a priority for me. It’s hard not to take it seriously when so many others are supporting me to do so.

Name: Pat Green
Age: 38
Occupation: Automation Engineer