My Ninja Story

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Last winter I heard some news that made me very excited!! The auditions for Australian Ninja Warrior were going to be announced. Other than it being my favourite tv show for the past eight years (watching the American one), I knew I needed something difficult, scary and out of my comfort zone to train for. What better than to apply for Australian Ninja Warrior?!

Applications are open… I filled out my application form taking a good two hours and made my way into the gym to video myself doing Ninja play. At the time we didn’t have much around the gym so I improvised. Part of my application was a two minute video, in which I introduce myself to the camera. After many, many takes and many more uncontrollable fits of laughter at hearing myself say ‘Hi my name is 39 years…ugh!’ Christine came up with a fab idea! Talking directly to the camera was just not working for me, so she suggested some footage of me with a voiceover instead. Brilliant! I take myself off to the office with her words in my head ‘Make sure you smile as you talk during the recording!” So I did it. You can see my audition video here.

Once I had submitted my application, it was weeks later that I received an email to say I had made it through and will be advised of when the audition fitness test would be. I immediately stopped eating breaky burritos and upped my hanging training! You guys are smart… you noticed my training started to be around the rafters, hanging, swinging all without my feet touching the ground. Yup, some guessed correct but I was sworn to secrecy. Audition date came around, it was the Friday we were to start renovating the gym. Whilst Matt was waiting on delivery of synthetic grass I raced off, nails, hair, fake tan. I was ready! I hadn’t slept nor eaten and the nerves were there, I wanted this so badly.

I raced off to a gym near the airport, arriving an hour early, sitting in the car mentally preparing myself. It was a very intimidating time. The people around me were not mediocre. Some competitors had game face and were psyching out their opponents and some were making friends. Some were in awesome costumes! My self doubt started here…  Should I have worn a costume?; her shoulders are bigger than mine; he’s doing acrobatic tricks; I should have come with some tricks…

The windows were all blacked out so we had no idea what the testing was going to be, but we could hear yelling. I went silent and sat back and watched. We had three interviews with the producers then it was my group’s time. I can now say the test was 5 minute plank, 5 minute hang, 5 minute burpee pushup strict chin-up and 5 minute skip. The plank I nailed, got a bit shaky 3 three mins in had a word to myself “you are a pilates instructor, no way can you go back to the gym and say I failed the 5 minute plank!” I looked around saw how strong I was compared to the others and got through with sheer determination. The rest blew my forearms out like I’ve never felt before, but it is amazing when you want something so bad (and there’s a camera in your face) you just get it done! I got to say I did OK.

Again weeks later, on a Monday I checked my emails. Oh my god! it said I’ve been accepted and in six weeks time I was going to Sydney. Now no more burritos at all! Train hard and everyday.

Without giving away too much, you will see me giving it a good crack this Sunday, come and watch with me 7pm at Fitnesskick. Finishes 8.30pm.


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