We know how to make kids really love exercise!

Get your kids motivated, exercising and having fun in the gym with our energetic team!

Not all kids enjoy sports and fitness, but our sessions are modelled in a fun and entertaining that will appeal to even the more academically driven students. Our school programs have been running successfully since 1998 in over 200 schools in Victoria every year and stand testament to that fact.

Our sessions develop motor skills, co-ordination, reflexes and spatial awareness and allow students to hit a bag rather than punching the air, giving them a better feel for the exercises and having more fun! Students will learn to punch, elbow, kick, move, weave and get out of grabs and holds in a completely safe environment.

We offer four different types of sessions which include all equipment necessary for the class to be fun and educational for all students involved. Additional equipment and instructors are charged accordingly.


Exciting Kickboxing Fitness Class for Curriculum and sporting teams. With motivating accredited instructions and high energy music, it’s the most fun your students will ever have in just 1 hour and learn self defence at the same time!

Boot Camps

Bring the latest fitness craze to your students with our great team building activities and motivating drill instructors! With indoor and outdoor challenges focused on fitness and strength work, Fitness Kick’s boot camps will help your school’s sport stars shine!


Certified Pilates Instructor with over 10 years experience teaching your students the importance of a strong core and posture! All done on Mats.

Self Defence

4 or 8 week courses available, educating students in real life response training and practical street survival tips. Fully padded Human Suits are available to find out what it is really like to punch a man and learn real self defence moves. (Additional charges apply)

Testimonialsorange-quotation-marks-hi The Lowther Hall Physical Education program has been receiving the right kind of kick in recent years from Matt Thom and his team from Fitness Kick Flemington.

Matt and his experienced team of trainers at Fitness Kick have provided the students of Lowther Hall with Fitness classes and Self Defence programs. The annual Self Defence program has taught hundreds of Yr10 girls self defence skills, safety awareness and self confidence. Matt has cleverly combined the dynamic moves of boxing and kickboxing, into a fun, logical experience for our students. The interactive and hands on program encourages young women to learn new skills in a safe, educational and challenging environment.

Our VCE students also enjoy the benefits of Matt’s experience and knowledge in a variety of fitness classes related to relevant Units of Study. His motivation is infectious and he is able to create an instructive class that educates students to make informed choices about the benefits of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. We particularly appreciate how Matt considers our students both individually, through targeted instruction, and as a team, through group goal setting.

I continue to be impressed with Matt’s dedication to the health and fitness of others and we hope to enjoy his classes for years to come.

Vicki Hoban
Head of PE & Sport
Lowther Hall Anglican Girls School
Essendon, VICTORIA


orange-quotation-marks-hi Matt and Monica have been working with our Year 9 students for the past 3 years. Year 9 students are not the easiest group of teenagers to motivate, but both Matt and Monica use their expertise and energy to make a huge impact. Each time Matt and Monica have worked with our students, we are all left feeling so energised and motivated. Every now and again, the students still practise some of the core activities out in the yard.

It’s so refreshing to see the students excited about fitness. Matt’s motivational talk has a huge effect on the students – and ‘pack your dash’ becomes something we incorporate in the classroom. Monica’s talk on healthy eating provides a few shocks and incorporating her tips into our own healthy lifestyle plans is something realistic and achievable for the students.

The Kickfit and Yoga/Meditation sessions provide a well rounded Healthy Mind, Healthy Body focus. The students have even asked to incorporate more meditation into their Pastoral Care periods or RE classes! And they are always blown away with the level of fitness both Matt and Monica
demonstrate. Like the students themselves said – “It was a fun and energetic day! Matt and Monica were so cool!”

Thanks Matt and Monica! Your professionalism, energy and enthusiasm is contagious! You are absolutely amazing and such incredibly positive role models for young kids. Our students love working with you – you certainly leave a lasting effect on us all!

Daniela Ibrido
Yr 9 Level Leader
CRC St Albans