EAT EAT EAT Recipe Book

At last, a recipe book that's full of highly nutritious alkaline nutritious alkaline recipes!

- Breakfast Options
- Light Meals and Snacks
- Lunch Options
- Dinner – Fish
- Dinner – Chicken
- Dinner – Red Meat
- Dinner – Vegetarian
- Salads and Alkaline Dressings

Each recipe has an alkaline food source and follows our ‘eat green stay lean’ guidelines.

All the Dinner recipes have no carbohydrates, whereas the breakfast and lunch include carbohydrates.

There are 6 dinner options for vegetarian eaters, but any recipe can be changed to include tofu or beans.

The last few pages have an 84 Day Meal Planner. Each day gives 5 small meal options: Breakast, mid morning snack, Lunch, mid afternoon snack and Dinner. This was put in so that if anyone wanted a strict ‘what to eat everyday’ option to follow they can.

The last week is an optional ‘lean up’ week where people can follow a day by day eating and exercise plan to lean up for a special occasion.

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